More Than Just Medicare

While R&K White Financial specializes in simplifying the complex nature of Medicare, our team will gladly assist you with Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Dental Insurance and Annuities.

Life Insurance

When your loved ones depend on you or your income, it’s important to leave a financially strong legacy behind. Life insurance reduces the financial burden associated with death, providing a death benefit to a specified beneficiary that can make up for lost income, debt, and day to day expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance

After the age of 65, the chance of chronic and disabling conditions increase – often require expensive ongoing supervision and nursing assistance. Long Term Care Insurance assists with the expenses pertaining to the Activities of Daily Living (eating, bathing, etc.).

Dental Insurance

Dental work can get expensive quickly; Dental Insurance covers the costs associated with routine dental visits and many complex procedures such as root canals. Want to learn more? Browse our dental plans in your area.


Annuities are contracts issued by insurance companies to be used as a steady source of reliable income in retirement. Annuities can be a valuable cornerstone of any retirement strategy.

Here to Help.

We’ve been there and know the burden associated with pain, loss of income, or the death of a loved one. We’d love to help provide some peace of mind in these times of need, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information on any of these offerings!

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